EiKO Premise


EiKO Premise is a US-owned and operated lighting manufacturer for commercial and industrial end-users. As a leader in the retrofit and renovation markets, EiKO supplies a broad portfolio of high-quality Intelligent Fixtures and Wireless Controls, value-engineered LED fixtures and lamps, and traditional lighting products.


EiKO Premise partnered with a premium development partner to replace their existing gateway website with a single NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced-based B2B website. The project involved activating a customized B2B website using SuiteCommerce and integrating it seamlessly with EiKO Premise’s NetSuite ERP system. The collaboration resulted in a successful implementation, enhancing EiKO Premise’s online business operations.

The Challenge

  • The website should be configured as a standard SuiteCommerce Advanced B2B website, utilizing the out-of-the-box features and functionality provided by NetSuite.
  • Theming the website as per the design mockups that will be provided by Eiko Premise
  • A set of customizations needed to be implemented to cater to EiKO Premise’s specific requirements.


  • Set up and install NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced
  • Configure custom shopping domains and image mappings while defining general site preferences.
  • Integrate the design mockups provided by Eiko Premise into the site’s theme and apply them to the different website pages
  • Develop essential pages such as the Home Page, product listing page, detailed product page, quick order, store locator, add to cart, blog section, and checkout pages.
  • Add products to the cart using the default Quick Add To Cart feature on the cart page
  • Ability to upload items CSV file on the cart
  • Add an items grid with price and item banner on the product page
  • Add products in the wishlist to a Quote
  • Set up a CMS-based standard SC footer with static content, links, social media icons/links, and copyright text.
  • Establish content areas that can be managed through Site Management Tools (CMS) for easy maintenance.
  • Add/update/remove contacts from the customer record and give access to them.
  • Filter the records by child customers, transaction types, and purchase order number
  • Display product-related information in multiple languages on the Product Detail Page.
  • Integrate Google Analytics for comprehensive website analytics and tracking.
  • Implement URL mapping and rewrites to redirect old site URLs to the new website.
  • Proof of Delivery from the fulfillment and display it on the Order Details page in My Account
  • Add functionality to share products via email


The implementation of NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced by EiKO Premise resulted in a significant positive impact on their business. The new SuiteCommerce Advanced website not only provided an enhanced B2B shopping experience and streamlined order processing but also showcased improved branding and design. With a visually appealing interface, intuitive navigation, and seamless integration with its backend systems, EiKO Premise successfully elevated its online presence, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency.

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