VMP Performance

SuiteSuccess Implementation


VMP Performance is a brand that works on the latest technologies to enhance speed. VMP Performance is a high-quality auto parts distributor that also offers custom tuning installations and performance parts.


VMP Performance needed NetSuite ERP Integration along with the SuiteCommerce implementation for data streamlining. Data migration was needed from Volusion to SuiteCommerce for smoothening backend processing.

The Challenge

Since VMP Performance needed the solution for data streamlining for seamless backend processing. One major challenge was the data migration to SuiteCommerce ensuring the data stays intact.


Folio3 provided VMP Performance with NetSuite ERP integration along with SuiteCommerce Advanced platform implementation for its advanced features. Some of the other solutions provided by Folio3 are listed below.

  • Custom feature of “Configurator for Kits” to add on associated items with kits
  • Separated B2B and B2C registration processes
  • Custom scheduling feature when any item is purchased along with a notification that is passed on to Netsuite


With the NetSuite ERP integration and implementation, VMP Performance was not only able to seamlessly process the orders but data mining and overall order processing became a lot better.

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