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Global Syn-Turf, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality artificial grass in the United States and Canada. Exceeding 150 million square feet of manufactured grass each year, GST offers a wide range of products for commercial and residential landscapes, playgrounds, sports athletic fields, municipalities, golf putting greens and pet areas.


Global Syn-Turf (GST) is a leading artificial grass manufacturer and distributor in the United States with warehouse locations in major metropolitan areas across the country. Global Syn-Turf fully integrated its Amazon Seller Center ( Channel) with their NetSuite ERP with Folio3’s proprietary NetSuite Amazon Connector to create a seamless back-office system.

The Challenge

Global Syn-Turf wanted to integrate their Amazon Seller Central ( Channel) account with their NetSuite ERP system, as the two disparate systems had to be synchronized manually each time. All the manual data entry ended up as a lot of effort taking up a lot of time. Additionally, the entire process also posed the risk of human error in manually handling data between the two systems.


Folio3’s proprietary NetSuite Amazon Integration connector is an Integration-as-a-Service product that allows complete automation & end-to-end integration between your Amazon Seller Central accounts and NetSuite.

With the connector, GST was able to manage and monitor all end-to-end processes from within its NetSuite ERP system. Global Syn-Turf was able to save valuable time and effort that previously went into hours of manual data handling and entry. The standard features for the connector are:

  • Import Sales Orders from Amazon to NetSuite.
  • Import Customers from Amazon to NetSuite.
  • Export Item data from NetSuite to Amazon (as Amazon listings).
  • Payment/Invoice sync from Amazon to NetSuite.
  • Export Inventory Quantity from NetSuite to Amazon.
  • Export Sales Price from NetSuite to Amazon.
  • Export Order Status and Shipping info from NetSuite to Amazon (for FBM orders).
  • Import Order Cancellations from Amazon to NetSuite.
  • Mark items as ‘Out Of Stock’ on Amazon from NetSuite.

Other than the standard vanilla features, Global Syn-Turf also needed some customizations to fulfill specific business requirements:

  • The ability to synchronize orders Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA), along with their fulfillment status and shipping/tracking information, from Amazon Seller Central to NetSuite.
  • The ability to synchronize inventory from NetSuite to Amazon warehouses/dispatch centers (for Fulfilled By Amazon orders), by synchronizing the Working shipment plan from Amazon to NetSuite (as an inventory transfer order).

Folio3’s NetSuite Amazon Integration connector is Built for NetSuite, therefore it is completely secure while complying with all the standards and practices set by NetSuite as well.


With Folio3’s NetSuite Amazon Integration connector, Global Syn-Turf completely integrated their Amazon Seller Central account with their NetSuite ERP, thereby eliminating any wastages in time and admin effort previously required in keeping both the systems synced. The connector formed a holistic system within NetSuite for the organization to manage end-to-end operations and processes. This allows Global Syn-Turf to focus more on other key business functions and commit efforts and time towards growth.

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