SimplyThick LLC


SimplyThick LLC develops innovative technologies and solutions for people with swallowing problems


Folio3 developed an app for Simple Thick that helped them reduce paper waste and improved their order acquisition & management process which kept the data updated with a cross-platform synchronisation.

The Challenge

SimplyThick’s sales process was paper-based and involved sales reps taking orders from customers in the field and manually entering them in NetSuite. They wanted to digitize this process by developing a mobile app (for iOS & Android) that would enable reps to place orders directly in NetSuite. Once orders were fulfilled in NetSuite, they also wanted to sync their shipping details to the app, so sales reps could inform customers about the order’s status


Folio3 built a cross-platform NetSuite mobile app for SimplyThick that runs on both iOS and Android devices and enables sales reps to:

  • Take orders directly in NetSuite from their smartphones
  • View all their previous orders, along with their fulfilment status and shipping info
  • Update customer addresses
  • View all items available in their inventory


Thanks to this NetSuite mobile app, SimplyThick has been able to drastically enhance its sales operations, as orders, could now be processed instantly as soon as they are entered in the field.

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