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SKECH is a design-driven company that manufactures and markets accessories for smartphones and tablets. Founded in 2003, SKECH has grown to become an established name with a strong retail business serving key markets across the globe.


SKECH is a accessories manufacturer and retailer for smartphones and tablets across the globe. Folio3 completely integrated SKECH’s Magento web store with their back-office NetSuite system enabling the complete management of front-end processes from within NetSuite.

The Challenge

SKECH were using Magento as their front-end system for their web store with NetSuite handling their back-office operations and processes. This created a challenge of managing data separately on the two systems and investing additional efforts and time in keeping the data accurate and synced. Not only did this take more admin effort but also posed the risk of human error in data handling, therefore, SKECH decided to fully integrate the two systems.


Folio3’s proprietary NetSuite Magento Integration connector is an Integration-as-a-Service product that delivers end-to-end integration between Magento and NetSuite. SKECH was able to fully automates processes & avoid wasting valuable time and efforts in handling data between the systems and keeping them synchronized.

Folio3’s connector enabled SKECH to create a seamless integration between their web store and ERP systems, allowing them to focus more on sales, customer experience, and other key business processes. The connector’s standard features included the following:

  • Automatically imports all ‘checkout complete’ orders along with the associated customer, data from Magento into NetSuite.
  • Automatically synchronizes inventory quantity, price, and item ID between NetSuite and Magento.
  • Automatically updates the status of fulfilled sales orders from NetSuite, in Magento.
  • Automatically exports shipping information (shipping date, carrier details & tracking number) of fulfilled sales orders from NetSuite to Magento.
  • Automatically cancels the sales order in NetSuite when the corresponding order is canceled in Magento.
  • Automatically exports the sales order change log from NetSuite to Magento.
  • Gift Certificate syncing from NetSuite to Magento and vice versa.
  • Automatically exports promotions from NetSuite to Magento. In Magento, Shopping Cart Pricing Rules are created.
  • Automatically exports price levels (customer discounts) from NetSuite to Magento (as shopping cart pricing rules).
  • Invoice export from NetSuite to Magento.
  • Cash refund export from NetSuite to Magento.
  • Ability to cancel Magento sales orders from NetSuite.
  • Maintains a complete log of all tasks performed, in NetSuite.

Folio3’s NetSuite Magento Integration connector is Built for NetSuite, therefore it is completely secure while complying with all the standards and practices set by NetSuite as well.


With Folio3’s NetSuite Magento Integration connector, SKECH was able to fully integrate their Magento web store with their NetSuite back-office system, therefore minimizing any inefficiencies caused by manually keeping both the systems accurately synced.

The connector enabled SKECH to form a holistic system, within NetSuite, for the organization to manage end-to-end operations and processes from within one system. This allowed SKECH to work on key business areas and focus on growing efficiently without worrying about operational hindrances.

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