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Easily Manage Properties, Units, and Tenants with NetSuite Property Management Solution

If you’re looking for a way to easily manage properties or a facility management company that can help you go to the next level, look no further. The tremendous line-up of NetSuite features will enable you to easily handle complicated regular financials, such as calculating rental rates/costs, depreciation, taxes, contracts administration, and reports production. Moreover, you can adhere to all applicable regulations and uphold tenant-landlord legislation.

NetSuite simplifies the integration of master and transaction data for  IT consultancies, contact centres, networking, and managed services organizations. Using the work order management system, you can collect and monitor essential data for every NetSuite work ticket. Moreover, you can ensure that unit maintenance and repair task orders are assigned, tracked, and completed properly and promptly.

NetSuite implementation requires fundamental data transfer, system integration, and the use of a work order management system. However, there’s not much that you’ve got to worry about as long as you’ve got Folio3 doing the job for you.

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Core NetSuite Features

NetSuite isn’t the only cloud ERP software supplier. However, how is NetSuite different from other cloud computing services? Here are five things to look out for:

Unified View of the Business 

NetSuite gives any company the ability to manage their whole company from a single platform. It combines finance, supply chain, production, human resources, and e-commerce on one system, rather than employing separate software for each of those operations. With a few mouse clicks, employees may see the current state and performance of every part of their business.

Native Integrations 

There is just one source of information. All NetSuite solutions are integrated with the core database. The platform’s built-in modules eliminate the need for third-party integrations that may be unstable or unable to handle real-time modifications. An integrated design means that all modules utilize the same user interface, reducing training time and increasing productivity. Moreover, users may execute order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and other multi-step procedures without re-entering or exporting information using this approach.

True Cloud 

NetSuite is developed for the cloud from the ground up. Other ERP systems labelled “cloud” tend to be on-premises software that you can access via the internet. You may experience common issues in these newer alternatives, including sluggish updates and scalability are often found in these newer alternatives. Cloud-based NetSuite is a multi-tenant, vendor-managed system that can grow with you.

Deep Reporting Capabilities 

NetSuite’s comprehensive reporting capabilities are fueled by the enormous volume of data streaming into the platform from various departments and business divisions. The system’s built-in reporting features allow users to retrieve information on anything they wish to measure or understand. Moreover, NetSuite provides role-based dashboards that provide the information needed for leaders to make educated choices.

Built-in Adaptability 

You can use NetSuite in many different sectors since it has built-in flexibility. Users can tailor it to fit any business’s needs. You can customize the platform to fit your needs, whether you’re a global company with six divisions or a startup still in the process of developing its first product.

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Why You Should Consider Using Oracle NetSuite ERP

You may want to know if NetSuite ERP is the appropriate fit for your needs and organisation if you’re a small or medium-sized firm? Therefore, check out what their existing customers say about the product to make an educated purchase.

Scalable and Customisable Features

When it comes to add-on modules, seats, and contract terms, NetSuite is just like the rest of the market. As a result of Oracle NetSuite’s platform’s flexibility, you may tailor its boilerplate solutions to meet your business requirements. Users love NetSuite’s customisable ERP templates, and although doing so may need more advanced technical skills, users may incorporate their solutions into any of NetSuite’s modules.

The HR SuitePeople Module In Oracle NetSuite ERP is a favourite because it allows administrators to modify and change pay possibilities beyond what is typically offered in the system’s standard pay categories.

Moreover, the scalability inherent in NetSuite’s ready-made ERP capabilities has made it attractive to larger organisations. NetSuite can automate the back-office operations and the customer-facing portions for businesses in all categories, including real estate.

The Foundation of a Solid Business Intelligence System 

The two features of the NetSuite ERP that are praised by the masses are business intelligence and financial management. Automated procedures like invoicing, accounting reporting allow finance teams to concentrate on financial planning, predictive analysis, and other product and system-facing tasks that need their expertise.

As the industry’s first cloud-based, unified system for managing orders, billing, and revenue, SuiteBilling is one of its most powerful tools for financial analysis. This section of NetSuite ERP includes revenue recognition, configurable analytics and dashboards, and multi-currency transaction capabilities.

People and Task Management

People interactions and management are at the heart of any business. In many cases, firms use separate HR software that does not fully interface with their other software. SuitePeople, the HR module of NetSuite ERP, combines HR data with finance, procurement, project, payroll, and other platform modules seamlessly. Firms may use these links based on product and market success to establish company-wide, departmental, and individual key performance indicators (KPIs). People and financial indicators may be seen in real-time and side-by-side in NetSuite’s analytic architecture.

NetSuite ERP has a framework that allows for administrative independence while protecting employee data simultaneously. This makes it a good fit for many businesses. The system’s personnel directory and other searchable databases make it simple for anybody to find the proper individual in the company. Moreover, elements like effective dating and access control are in place to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

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Cloud-based retail management software such as NetSuite makes it easier to run a business or easily manage properties. Order management, e-commerce, and point-of-sale (POS) are integrated into a single retail system, allowing businesses to sell their goods across regions and nations.

Get in touch with Folio3 today to get a customized NetSuite Property Management software integrated into your operational model. It’s time you finally make the switch. Get your hands on the massive benefits that the NetSuite Property Management solution has got to offer to your real estate business.

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