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Get more out of your Magento Site

Magento’s resource-intensive e-commerce platform necessitates the use of optimum resources and configurations. When it comes to a Magento-powered shop that is slow, even if you have excellent infrastructure, it is possible.

According to research, e-commerce firms that produce $100,000 per day lose $2.5 million in sales every time their sites take an additional second to load. Nowadays, choosing a suitable e-commerce solution for your website is a difficult task. There are currently several options accessible. You may choose from WooCommerce, Prestashop, OpenCart, and a variety of other options. However, many company owners choose to work with Magento since it is a complete platform that allows for more customization. It is simple to expand a Magento shop, allowing you to continue with the platform as your company grows. Magento, a 2008 eCommerce platform developed by Varien, is one of the most popular eCommerce systems for online shops. According to BuiltWith data, Magento powers 16% of the top 100,000 e-commerce sites. With the inclusion of Magento Enterprise, the percentage rises to 38%. WooCommerce is not far behind, with a share of 12 percent. This certainly proves that the general audience likes these programs. Nonetheless, despite these facts, both of these projects have detected issues with speed and performance. A 1-second delay in page load doubles the loss to $2.5 million. As a result, internet enterprises that rely on these apps must optimize for speed and efficiency. You should read this article for some pointers on how to speed up your Magento business in order to prevent shopping cart abandonment. If you have a WordPress-based shop that uses WooCommerce, check out this page for advice on how to make it more efficient.

A critical aspect of Magento development is making sure your site loads as quickly as possible. It’s vital for various reasons, but the most significant is that it helps your clients have the finest online buying experience possible.

Another essential issue for boosting Magento performance is ranking on Google, which has one of the ranking criteria for website loading time.

Here are a few tips to get more from your Magento site:

Speed Up Magento

Magento is well-known for its performance and speed issues. The user experience is directly influenced by these components. For e-commerce firms, ensuring that the store is up and running promptly is critical, since site speed affects SEO rankings, cart abandonment, and sales. If you operate a Magento store, you may use these suggestions to help you enhance your Magento store.

We’ve put up a list of Magento optimization pointers that you may find handy. Take a look at this:

  • Your website’s hosting should be a top priority. Select a server that can manage both the traffic and the system. You’ll need to transfer servers if you hit the server’s performance ceiling (100 percent CPU utilization). Increase the processor’s and RAM’s power. Make use of a server that is located close to your target audience.
  • Caching and the server Enable user-side caching as well as gzip compression (in the browser) (in the browser). Large volumes of data (pictures, video) may be stored in many places thanks to a content delivery network, or CDN. This assures that your users obtain content more rapidly while lowering the burden on the main server. Another option is to employ a web app accelerator (better known as HTTP caching with a proxy server). Up to 80% of your Magento store’s performance might be improved this way.
  • Make use of PHP accelerators. Another approach to caching is to utilize a PHP accelerator. To boost PHP programs’ performance, the cache and make use of built-in files. PHP accelerators are available. If you have PHP or Apache modules installed on the server that isn’t being used, remove them. Examine and remove the redundancies on both the front-end and back-end. You’ll need access not only to the store’s admin panel but also to the server for this.
  • Update and maintenance of Magento. Always make sure you’re running the most current version of Magento. The site will be more resistant to hacker assaults since it will have more functionality and have fewer problems.
  • Enhancement of the image. Make sure the information and, for the most part, the pictures are optimized. Before uploading images to the site, you may leverage online image compressors (such as TinyPNG) and optimize them. All your pictures and template files should also be optimized.
  •  Automatic scaling is used. Automated capacity scaling is now available from several web hosting providers. Server capacity is only allocated to the site when it is needed. According to real-time traffic situations, server resources are scaled up and down. Autoscaling will increase the number of servers if traffic increases throughout the holiday season, and it will decrease the number of servers if traffic decreases.
  • Put all of the Javascript files together. You may utilize Magento’s advanced settings to integrate JavaScript and CSS files. The download time will be drastically reduced since it is easier and faster to download a single JS and CSS file rather than multiple. Although integrating Javascript files might cause problems in the future, it is an inevitable need.
  • Turn on the Flat Catalog option for items and categories. Allowing for the creation of a single table for all product data speeds up the processing of SQL queries. If your online store sells more than 1,000 items, you may benefit greatly from this strategy.
  • Make file compilation feasible. Magento includes a compilation option that may boost performance by up to 50 percent in some instances. By default, application files in Magento are viewed in a predefined order each time the website opens, which creates a significant strain on the file system. By putting all files into a single directory and caching those that are used frequently, the Magento compiler minimizes the load.

Switch to the Most Recent Version

As the owner, it is critical that you update your business to the most recent version as soon as it is available. Magento notifies users when a major update is ready. Every Magento update includes bug fixes, security updates, and performance improvements. Upgrading your Magento store requires some work, and you may want technical assistance if you are unfamiliar with the admin interface. Take a look at this post to learn how to use Composer to upgrade your Magento version.

Image Optimization

Images make up more than half of an e-commerce store’s website. As a consequence, optimizing product photos is critical since it affects how quickly your shop pages load. You may compress the photographs using Photoshop or Image Optimizer before uploading them to the website. This is a wonderful tool for image optimization. After you’ve submitted your photos, you may utilize a speed optimization plugin to optimize them. GTSpeed is a Magento add-on for GTMetrix. It makes image concatenation, minification, and CSS and JS concatenation faster. The difference can be seen in a simple Magento installation.

Integrate a Content Distribution Network (CDN).

One of the simplest and quickest methods to speed up a Magento business is to install a Content Delivery Network. What does a CDN accomplish with the Magento store? A CDN lowers page load times by providing the website’s components (product descriptions, CSS) from several locations across the globe. This boosts the speed of the delivery (virtual) of the site’s materials to the shoppers.

Bottom Line

Finally, keep in mind that, if you follow these tips, you will be able to eliminate 80 percent of all potential search engine difficulties. In general, keep in mind that the content of the website, as well as connections to other websites, are the most significant aspects to consider.

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