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How will syncing your eBay Motor Store with NetSuite help?

When you employ an eBay-NetSuite ERP interface, you can increase your eBay seller rating by providing customers with quicker and more accurate product availability and order status information. Folio3’s eBay-NetSuite Integration App leverages our expertise in NetSuite, eBay, and cloud connectivity to provide you with a seamless integration experience. It possible syncing your eBay motor store with NetSuite quickly and easily without additional development or IT expertise.

With the help of Built for NetSuite (BFN), transmitting data between NetSuite and your eBay online store is streamlined.

Your NetSuite back-office can be maintained with an automated system, enabling you to focus on boosting sales and managing fulfillment.

CTA - NetSuite eBay Motors Connector

Using the NetSuite eBay Motors connection, which has been certified by BFN, eBay Motors and NetSuite ERP can operate together easily and securely. Because of its automated data synchronization, you may focus on the most important aspects of your company’s operations while the back-office administration is taken care of.

NetSuite’s accounting and financial management software can easily be integrated with eBay Motors’ merchant accounts using Folio3’s Connectivity as a Service product. Merchants can focus on their core business activities while saving valuable time and effort thanks to the Connector, designed and developed specifically for eBay Motors. The Connector automatically syncs all sales orders, customer, and shipping data between eBay Motors merchant accounts and NetSuite.

How to set up your eBay Store?

First of all, you have to set up your eBay store. Here’s how you can do it:

  • To get started, choose a subscription tier from the drop-down menu: Starter, Basic, Premium, Anchor, or Enterprise, if you’re feeling very ambitious. 
  • Following your selection of a package, follow these steps to get your store up and running:
  • Choose a store subscription from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose and analyze the eBay Store type that you’d want to become a member of.
  • Enter a name for your eBay store and select a membership duration from the drop-down menu (yearly or monthly).
  • Choose “Submit order” from the drop-down menu to purchase an eBay Store membership.
CTA - NetSuite eBay Connector

Name Your eBay Motor Store

  • When you pick a name for your shop, your eBay Store URL (website address) will be automatically generated for you. Additionally, we will insert hyphens between words and lowercase all letters and delete any special characters (such as apostrophes and spaces).
  • If you decide to call your eBay store “Fine Motors!” the URL for your store will be https://www.ebay.com/str/fine-motors.
  • A consideration of the following aspects is required while selecting an eBay store name: 
  • It may be used as your eBay username as long as it satisfies the requirements outlined above.
  • It must start with a letter or a number and conclude with a letter or a number.
  • No more than four consecutive letters may be utilized in any given sentence as a starting point. It is not authorized to use the following characters because they begin with an e or an E and then include more than one digit: or!@
  • It can’t be a username that already exists on eBay and is used by someone else.
  • There cannot be a “www” in the domain name.
  • It is not permitted to use non-alphanumeric letters or consecutive spaces.
  • It is impossible for a top-level domain abbreviation such as.com,.co.uk,” “.net,” or any other to be the tale’s end.
  • It is not permitted to use a company name protected by a trademark or confusingly similar to a trademarked name. This includes using a name that contains the term “eBay” or is confusingly similar to the phrase. 
CTA - NetSuite Amazon Connector Banner

You may customize the shop by selecting a design and a name and including your company logo. You can organize your inventory by creating custom categories and promoting certain items.

View a mockup of how it will appear to potential buyers: You may double-check that everything is in working order before your business goes online.

NetSuite eBay Motors Integration Benefits

  • Save the time, work, and costs associated with manually maintaining the sync between NetSuite and your eBay Motors business.
  • NetSuite can publish completed orders to eBay Motors in an automated manner.
  • With automatic synchronization of sales orders, customer, and billing data, you can improve the fulfilment and customer care efficiency.
  • Free Support


  • Sales orders from NetSuite may be automatically imported into NetSuite in any order status, such as “Checkout Complete,” “Awaiting Shipment,” or another order status.
  • NetSuite automatically exports the statuses of fulfilled sales orders to eBay Motors. NetSuite automatically exports shipment and delivery tracking information to eBay Motors for completed sales orders.
  • NetSuite automatically creates and updates customer data based on eBay Motors web-store listings.
  • NetSuite seamlessly imports delivery and shipment data into eBay Motors’ online store.
  • As a result of the Connector’s integration with NetSuite’s user interface, managing the connection has never been easier.

This framework requires a certain level of competence. If you’re looking for a reliable firm to assist you with getting your motor store up and running, please contact us. NetSuite will happily take on your project and see it through to the end.

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