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Learn How a NetSuite Connector Works

NetSuite is one of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms that enable businesses to streamline various business functions; marketing, customer support, operations, financials, and others. The NetSuite connectors like NetSuite Magento or NetSuite Shopify are meant to enable businesses to seamlessly integrate their ecommerce websites to the NetSuite ERP and CRM platforms. This results in consistent data flow between various business functions as well as across the front-end and back-end systems.

The NetSuite ERP solutions bring in the flexibility and scalability options for businesses. Thus assisting businesses in expanding their services horizontally and vertically, without having to worry about important business tasks like accounting, inventory management and order management to name a few.

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How NetSuite Works?

The internal ERP solution of a business acts as the fundamental building block that ensures smooth and consistent data flow across various business functions. The ERP suite assists companies to create a robust and synchronized digital ecosystem for business functions. NetSuite ERP platform is one of the best and most comprehensive cloud-based ERP solutions that brings in advanced features and functionalities for businesses to create an integrated ecosystem across the entire business ecosystem.

Who Uses NetSuite?

NetSuite is among the leading ERP solutions used by hundreds of thousands of cross-industry businesses of all sizes. The ERP platform is highly preferred for its comprehensive and robust functionalities that help businesses grow and scale, while streamlining the backend operations and data management. Some of the worth-mentioning businesses using NetSuite ERP solution include; Williams-Sonoma, The Boston Globe, O’Lakes, and others.


What is a NetSuite Application Connector?

Folio3’s NetSuite connector links the NetSuite API to extract data from the NetSuite database, which subsequently can be used in various ways. For instance, the data extracted by the NetSuite connector can help create recurring business processes while also enabling easy integration options for businesses. The connector enables businesses to have the agility and flexibility they need to scale and get things done as per unique business needs.

Why Use a NetSuite Connector?

There are various applications of NetSuite Connectors. With Folio3’s robust NetSuite connector, businesses can have easy integration options with the ERP application. Some of the potential uses of NetSuite connector includes;

  • Automate the integration processes
  • Leverage APIs to lower custom coding requirements
  • Automate order-to-cash business flows
  • Transform and verify business data
  • Integrate data from business processes to NetSuite ERP

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the NetSuite connector is to simplify the process of EDI and B2B data exchange, which otherwise is a highly complex process to achieve. By integrating NetSuite API with the B2B integration technology, businesses are able to gain a competitive advantage with integrated business solutions. Also, NetSuite Connector enables businesses to automate the B2B processes; eliminating any requirement for manual handling of orders, this not only makes the processes more efficient but also cost-effective for businesses.

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How does a NetSuite Connector works?

Folio3’s NetSuite connectors enables businesses to integrate NetSuite ERP with other business applications. The connector allows businesses to:

  • Synchronize NetSuite data like custom objects, accounts, and others to and from the company databases, ecommerce platforms, CRM and other tools
  • Synchronize third-party APIs with NetSuite data
  • Create a connection in minutes with a streamlined setup wizard
  • Map NetSuite data interactively (graphs & charts) in other data formats
  • Easily synchronize various business functions including transactions, orders, inventory, accounts, receipts, and others
  • Synchronize contacts with marketing platforms like HubSpot or Marketo

Integrate NetSuite today. Since you are making a large investment by investing in the NetSuite ERP system, you need to ensure optimal utilization of the investment to gain higher ROIs. However, for that to happen, you need to integrate NetSuite with the rest of the systems and business processes. NetSuite Connectors ensure that companies are able to gain detailed visibility and flexibility required to achieve business bottom lines.

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