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Maximizing Sales and Service: An Overview of NetSuite CRM Features

CRM software packs vital tools for businesses. If you’re not marketing your brand right, customers might not feel the urge to purchase. Every company aims for people to recognize their products and services, but equally vital is understanding your customers. 

By having a real-time view of your customers, you can pinpoint the products, special offers, and pricing that resonate most with them. The more connected you are with your customers, the better you can predict what they’re after. That’s what CRM software provides. 

Among the options in the market, NetSuite CRM surpasses others. Don’t just take our word for it; explore how NetSuite CRM can enhance your business in the long run.

Learn about NetSuite CRM and its optimal use for maximizing sales and services, including its top ten features.

What is NetSuite CRM?

Let’s begin by talking about what NetSuite CRM is, then we’ll dive deep into its features.

NetSuite CRM brings all customer info together in one place for teams to work better. It helps sales, marketing, and support teams share and use data easily. With NetSuite CRM, each team gets the necessary information to improve their work. 

It also offers sales automation, customer service management, and marketing tools. Users can use features like insightful quotes, spot-on sales predictions, handy partner management tools, and well-structured commission models to nurture and keep those customer relationships going strong.

The Top Eight Features of NetSuite CRM

1. Customer Management

Understanding all your customers inside out is priceless! NetSuite CRM goes beyond just contact info – it gives you insights into customer interactions. That means you get not only sales history but also support chats and shipping updates. 

With all this info at your fingertips, you can craft personalized profiles for each customer, taking into account their individual preferences, needs, and behaviors. By tailoring your approach to each customer, you can build stronger relationships and provide a more satisfying experience for them.

2. Sales Forecasting

Accurate sales forecasting is super essential for seizing opportunities and growing your business. When you use NetSuite CRM, you get access to real-time data that helps you predict sales trends with precision. 

Its forecasting tools are top-notch, using a clever system of checks and balances to give you valuable insights into sales opportunities. Knowing how these opportunities fit your goals, you can smartly tweak your sales strategies for success.

3. Time Tracking

NetSuite embraces the ‘time is money’ philosophy in their CRM solution. By utilizing NetSuite CRM software, you can meticulously track the time your team spends on every interaction, thereby unlocking invaluable insights into the dynamics of your client relationships. 

This profound understanding of their significance within your business operations can enhance strategic decision-making and more impactful customer engagement strategies.

4. Campaign Management

As part of NetSuite CRM’s comprehensive suite of marketing automation tools, campaign management empowers you to craft targeted marketing campaigns founded on robust data insights rather than mere hunches. 

By leveraging a wealth of customer information, such as demographics, response behavior, purchase trends, and support history, you can fine-tune and optimize your marketing initiatives to yield optimal results and enhance customer engagement and retention.

5. Incentive Compensation

Incentive compensation isn’t just about giving your sales team insights into sales incentives. It’s an intelligent strategy that streamlines commission calculation and sales order flow.

This system helps align sales efforts with business goals, ensuring strategies match up. With this approach, payout errors can be cut down, leading to smoother sales processes and keeping your sales team motivated and high-performing.

6. Opportunity Management

Opportunity management is like giving your sales team superpowers! With this strategic approach, they get quick access to loads of data, helping them ace sales opportunities. By using NetSuite CRM, your team can easily see all the important info in a neat way – like contacts, meeting details, and a clear product/service overview. It’s all about making smart decisions and winning those sales.

7. Lead management

NetSuite CRM brings marketing and sales together smoothly, giving you a complete platform for effectively handling lead generation, tracking, and customer relationships. From capturing leads to converting opportunities and engaging customers, NetSuite CRM guides you through the process effortlessly, offering in-depth analytics and reporting. 

By closely monitoring every customer interaction, you can build detailed customer profiles, understand their behavior, and customize your approach for more personal connections, nurturing lasting customer loyalty and satisfaction.

8. Real-time Dashboards

The real-time dashboards in NetSuite CRM are like the superhero tool for managing customers. They boost your service, sales, and marketing squads by handing them quick access to critical metrics and helping them make smart moves. 

Imagine instantly knowing the number of solved calls, trends in call volume, open chances, and email campaign response rates. This data is gold, helping your teams work smarter and smoother and achieve those fantastic results.

Being cloud-based allows for seamless access and updates to records from any location. Moreover, the dashboards offer customization options, enabling employees to personalize their views based on the data that matters most to them. This flexibility enhances efficiency and ensures individuals can focus on pertinent information tailored to their roles.

What are the Benefits of NetSuite CRM Software? 

NetSuite is seamlessly interconnected and fully integrated with the entirety of the software suite, ensuring a smooth flow of all business information across the customer lifecycle, ultimately enhancing brand experience to create a lasting positive impression. 

NetSuite spans from initial lead qualification to subsequent renewals or cross-selling opportunities, offering various functionalities tailored to diverse business requirements. 

NetSuite has successfully transformed the conventional CRM platform into an exceptional tool that exceeds expectations, setting a new standard in customer relationship management solutions.


NetSuite CRM is a comprehensive solution offering integrated tools for customer management, sales forecasting, time tracking, campaign management, and more. Its top features include real-time dashboards and robust reporting and analytics. NetSuite’s seamless cloud-based platform enhances accessibility, allowing teams to collaborate and make informed decisions. 

The software’s unique benefits lie in its full integration across the business suite, covering lead qualification to renewals. NetSuite sets a new standard by exceeding traditional CRM expectations, creating a lasting positive brand impression, and transforming customer relationship management into an exceptional, all-encompassing tool.

Folio3 partners with NetSuite CRM and NetSuite ERP. Feel free to reach out if you want to know how it can help your business. 

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