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Naked Wardrobe’s Whole New Look: Omnichannel Success Delivered by NetSuite

Do you know? Over 32,000 customers around the world are transforming their businesses with NetSuite. Naked Wardrobe did the same! With outstanding customers in the apparel, footwear, and accessories industries, Netsuite takes your business to new heights.

We conducted a webinar to learn how Netsuite helped Naked Wardrobe scale and grow at its full potential, named, “Naked Wardrobe`s Whole New Look: Omnichannel Success Delivered by NetSuite” with 

Kamella Kaviani, CFO, Naked Wardrobe

Rob Terry – Sales Director, North America, Folio3

Hayley Null – Manager, Alliance, and SDN Marketing- Netsuite

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If you missed the webinar for some reason, don’t panic! We got you covered. Here’s the highlight; 

Naked Wardrobe is an affordable clothing line that keeps up with current trends and is known for designing clothing for women regardless of shape and size. To empower women and help them feel confident in their bodies and skin, online fashion retailer, Naked Wardrobe promotes body positivity by encouraging people to be proud of their bodies. 

The webinar will explore how Naked Wardrobe is transforming its business operations and how NetSuite ERP and Folio3 helped automate all the major processes at Naked Wardrobe. For more details watch our complete webinar

The Challenges Naked Wardrobe Faced:

·        No Centralized System

·        Different software for different processes

·        No easy access to business insights

·        Account errors

·        Duplication of data

·        Lack of a solid financial system

·        Inability to control the company expansion

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The impact of NetSuite on Naked Wardrobe:

1.     Over-all Visibility

Only with NetSuite ERP, Naked Wardrobe management gets a complete view of what’s happening across the organization. The omnichannel capabilities provided by NetSuite helped the online fashion store build customer loyalty by providing a personalized online shopping experience.

2. Improved Compliance

NetSuite helped the business improve compliance in several ways. NetSuite’s accurate omnichannel service allowed Naked Wardrobe to purchase and fulfill orders from anywhere. The order management module also helped the naked wardrobe to process orders faster and optimized shipments using rules which allowed the orders to be automatically processed based on certain conditions and preferences.

3. Enhanced Communication

NetSuite seamlessly integrated all of the Naked Wardrobe’s business functions, so there were no communication gaps, and everything was connected in an integrated solution. NetSuite has also automated company communications by triggering emails that notify customers when inventory items are shipped or out of stock.

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4. Scalability

With its omnichannel approach, NetSuite became the reason behind his NakGarden’s rapid growth, enabling sales on multiple channels and allowing the company to grow and expand beyond expectations, and that’s the best thing about NetSuite, it grows with your business to meet your growing needs.

Still Not Sure Why NetSuite ERP?

ERP technology provides the agility to respond quickly to changing business needs rather than adding software complexity to an inefficient system. This is why choosing a cloud-based ERP provider like NetSuite is essential. With NetSuite, system upgrades are no longer a problem, and new features can be easily added as your business grows and changes. Watch our complete webinar and deep dive into more details on how NetSuite is helping Naked Wardrobe scale faster. 

Why Folio3?

Folio3 is an award-winning NetSuite Alliance and SDN partner that delivers full-spectrum NetSuite services across different industry verticals. Folio3 has been named 2021 Partner of the Year for the EMEA Region. Along with the other achievements, Folio3 received the NetSuite Alliance Partner spotlight Winner Award in 2022 for its expertise in ERP Implementations.

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