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NetSuite Payments are Accepted in Bitcoin

Since 2008, bitcoin adoption has been influenced by a diverse range of factors that have made it one of the most volatile currencies in the world. Yet, despite such volatility, more than 100,000 bitcoin transactions are taking place per day and the volume continues to grow due to the ‘permission less’ innovation’ provided by bitcoin’s underlying technology, the blockchain.

If your company is using NetSuite to power your organization, you too can easily accept Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Transaction Coordinator, Built for NetSuite, links your NetSuite account to BitPay, the same payment processor powering Microsoft’s Bitcoin acceptance.

Gold Bitcoin

You do not need a website to accept Bitcoin. The SuiteBundle fully integrates Bitcoin first and foremost into the NetSuite Back Office operation enabling any NetSuite company (One World as well) to accept Bitcoin today. The bundle is free of charge and has been available since 2013.

Beside being stand out in the crowd, there are bunch of other benefits to accept Bitcoin:

  1. No currency risk: charge $1.00, receive $1.00.
  2. Near instantaneous payment confirmation with no chargebacks.
  3. Connect to an array of popular Bitcoin merchant service providers including BitPay.
  4. Transact via eCommerce or via the Backoffice.
  5. Automatic bookkeeping eliminates traditional end of month reconciliation headaches.
  6. Properly account for Bitcoin and report on holding gains and losses.

According to BTC4ERP , by activating BTC4ERP in your NetSuite account is simple, fast, and free. BTC4ERP creates new standards in payment processing by automatically handling all general ledger accounting promising to keep your business operations smooth.

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