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Selling Online is Exhausting, But Should it be?

Entering the online marketplace as a producer can be very challenging.  The possibility of such a vast customer base due to the increased accessibility brought about by the internet raises the question of whether sellers can meet such demand. Furthermore, an online store requires extremely efficient operations management to keep up pace with so many customers, constantly updating inventory and so forth. However, this process need not be so exhausting. One step online sellers can take to make navigating this marketplace much easier is an efficient software solution.

Implementing an ERP like Oracle NetSuite in any business can streamline functions and increase productivity, providing the company with features to better manage all business processes. A NetSuite integration with an online marketplace is sure to provide the store with a platform through which it can meet the demand of customers from all different locations and efficiently manage multiple stores. Some of the features that a NetSuite integration provides which can make all this possible are:

Automatic Synchronization of Data:

Integrating an online store with NetSuite allows for the automatic update and transfer of data across the company. Important information stored on the cloud makes it accessible from different locations and stores at the same time. Details about products and inventory are constantly updated and synced between warehouses and the online store so that customers have accurate information about the availability of different options. There is a reduction of error by the elimination of manual data entry, as such tasks are completed by the software, leaving employees free to focus on important aspects of the business. All these features greatly reduce the effort it takes to manage an online business and cater to a vast clientele.

Ease for customers:

Another difficulty in running an online store is standing out amongst the rising competition. With customers having a seemingly endless amount of options available, it is a struggle for the owner to attract and retain steady business. Integrating NetSuite can provide and enhance customer experience. Not only does it provide the store with the ability to operate with maximum speed and minimum issues, but it also keeps the customer updated about all shipping processes. Furthermore, it also accommodates customers to a great extent for returns and quick processing of refunds. Speed and efficiency is one reason that people have started to prefer buying online, and any store that can provide these will be automatically preferred over the competition.

Targeted marketing:

Marketing strategies are an essential part of any successful online business. The ease in marketing provided by ERPs can make any online store much more successful by ensuring a flourishing business. Data collected and transferred about customer preferences allows for targeted marketing, making it possible to attract more business from the customers with minimum input.

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Online stores also face a challenge with regard to sustainability. Search sites have the potential to grow exponentially but struggle to ensure that this growth remains sustainable. Thus, a sure way to maintain convenience for online sellers is to adopt a flexible system from the start. An ERP like NetSuite can support not only the growth of a business but also has the ability to adapt to future updates in the technology. This reduces difficulties that an online business may face in the long term.


In conclusion, the online marketplace is extremely challenging to survive and flourish in, and any seller needs help to easily manage a successful business. Through various features like automatic data synchronization, good customer experience, targeted marketing strategies, and ease in scalability, NetSuite makes it possible to navigate this marketplace with minimum hassle.

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