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Suiteworld is Just Around the Corner. Have you Registered to Meet Our Experts?

The annual NetSuite SuiteWorld conference is easily one of NetSuite’s biggest events and is for everyone who wishes to understand and leverage the NetSuite ecosystem. Catering to business leaders, owners, and C-level executives, the annual event held physically and virtually has been making waves for more than a decade now.

The event is a combination of summits, training, conferences, and networking with like-minded people. People come from all over the world to attend and share their future plans and how they can utilize NetSuite to innovate, as well as grow. 

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SuiteWorld 2022 is once again taking the technology industry by storm as it takes place this year in Las Vegas from the 27th to the 30th of September, and is also streamed online for those who cannot make it. Here is what we know about the event so far:

  • It’s a four-day in-person event in Las Vegas, for which registrations are currently sold out. You can, however, get an all-access digital pass for $195 on the SuiteWorld website and also attend the virtual event with a Discover pass for free. 
  • The program consists of networking events, different training sessions, keynotes, breakout sessions, product round-tables, expo theater sessions, meetups, and even a party!
  • The program details and schedule are on the website for everyone to see and plan around. 
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This agenda for this year is:

  • To make the attendees and participants aware of the factors that impact the business ecosystem and help them understand how using NetSuite services can make a difference.
  • To help attendees network with other companies in order to get a better understanding of how they operate and how they leverage the power of NetSuite so they can learn to do the same.
  • To help the participants find the perfect NetSuite implementation partner for their organization. 

One of NetSuite’s certified key partners that are participating this year, Folio3 has won several awards over the years including the esteemed EMEA NetSuite Partner of the Year 2021 and then another distinction at the NetSuite Spotlight Awards this year.

Like every year, Folio3 is going to be actively participating in the event and you can register with us as soon as today in order to meet them right there at the event and discuss your NetSuite challenges.  

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Here is a breakdown of the team participating on behalf of Folio3 Pvt Ltd:

  • Adnan Lawai: Founder and CEO, Folio3
  • Charles Thevenet: Director- Customer Success, Folio3
  • Steve Gallegos: Director- Sales, Folio3
  • Robert Terry: Director- Sales North America – Folio3

If you are attending, don’t forget to register and meet our experts! If you have missed the event registrations, you can still catch the digital event! Don’t miss the chance to attend one of NetSuite’s most significant events of the year. There’s a reason it’s sold out!

If you aren’t physically attending the event, you can still get a free consultation with our NetSuite experts who will guide you through your requirements and challenges and answer any questions you may have

For more details and to book a timeslot to meet our experts at Suiteworld

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