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Top ERP Options for Hotel & Hospitality Industry

Everybody loves VIP treatment, and when you enter the hospitality and hotel industry, businesses want to satisfy customers’ needs throughout the day. The goal is to meet customers’ every specific requirement and give them an experience of a lifetime. Everything is managed with this principle, from guest accommodation to their meal plans.

The hospitality industry includes all cafés, bars, restaurants, nightlife, and various tourism and travel services. People turn up in considerable numbers to avail such services for leisure, and once they attain contentment, there are high chances of customer retention for these businesses. 

However, one tool that helps you optimize customer experience is ERP for the hotel & hospitality industry. It automates all your operations and ensures precision at every stage. 

ERP for Hotel & Hospitality Industry

ERP is gaining popularity in numerous industries and the hospitality sector of them. Gradually, its adoption and familiarity in this industry are increasing and showing a marked difference in performance. 

It is doing wonders today, from enhancing customer service to optimizing in-house operations. And that’s not all; there is more to how it is favoring the hospitality industry. 

  • It serves as a centralized management system
  • It eases reservation management
  • It provides pleasant customer service 
  • It boosts productivity at the front desk 
  • It minimizes the pain points for your corporate office

ERP Options for Hotel & Hospitality Industry

Once you decide to shift towards technology for your business processes, here is a list of the best ERP system for hospitality industry. Choose one and gear up for a much-needed transformation at work. 

Tally.ERP 9

One of the most well-reputed accounting software – Tally.ERP 9 is being used with perfection. It is a comprehensive enterprise software developed for small-scale to medium-sized enterprises. It is the most resourceful business management and GST software that combines functions and controls.

It allows proprietors and their associates to engage more in accounts based dialogues. It is a thoroughly developed product that offers simple yet in-depth business features such as finance, accounting, sales, inventory, and purchase.

In addition, it provides excellent help with manufacturing, point of sales, payroll,  costing, and branch management while collaborating with Excise, TCS, TDS, and GST.


TYASuite is a Cloud ERP software developed to assist businesses in handling sales orders, projects, vendors, and stock on a centralized forum. It allows stakeholders to facilitate the procurement process with ease. 

It helps optimize purchase requisitions (PRs) based on the available inventory, safety stocks, and estimated lead time to process payments and invoices. Another way it helps businesses is by offering an integrated vendor management system (VMS). 

Doing so supports business owners in connecting vendors with related products and services, studying agreements, and uploading vendor onboarding documentation. Alongside this, it helps stay updated with their performance based on rejections, delivery timelines, and quantity shortages. 

Moreover, its project management version allows managers to plan and create activities with the help of built-in templates. It also lends a hand in assigning tasks to your team, preparing due dates, and observing the progress of your projects in real time. 

Last but not least, TYASuite helps administrators devise inventory schedules based on sales forecasts, production cycles, lead time, and other factors affecting your stock plans.


Align Books is another option for businesses operating in the hospitality industry. It transforms your business management procedures with a detailed strategy in the modules. You can acquire different modules for purchasing, bookkeeping, billing, inventory, sales and invoicing, asset tracking, payroll integration, CRM, and production.

These modules help with various tasks in arranging, scheduling and executing all the vital business processes that bring a high ROI to your business. It is a supremely efficient technology that provides smooth access and increased security. 

Furthermore, online business management and highly productive accounting features offer you the convenience of utilizing them from any location. It doesn’t surprise that more businesses are leaning towards this technology because of the convenience Alignbooks provides. 

And that’s not all; with first-grade security and automatic backups, your data’s safety is no longer a source of stress for you; all the critical information of your business transactions is stored in real-time. 

Oracle NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP looks after all your business’s significant areas, including finance and accounting, orders and procurement, inventory, and more. Customers can add CRM for sales, Human Resources (HR) for employee records, service, marketing digitization, etc. It helps hospitality businesses to manage their staff flawlessly. 

Your internal operations benefit by eradicating the maintenance costs of your system. Not only does it save money, but it helps employees focus on your company’s mission of serving the customers with exactly what they want.

Alongside this, NetSuite provides help with payroll and performance management and Professional Services Automation (PSA); all to prepare and monitor projects and omnichannel commerce for all services. You can diversify your services and provide all the pleasure-seekers with more ways of enjoying your offerings.  

Not to forget, with these modules sharing the same database, the entire data across your system is updated in real-time and is available to authorized users in your business. You can fully know your customers’ requirements and how to personalize your services.

Additionally, the SaaS model eases scalability as well. Your business can increase the customers’ functionalities without considering the company infrastructure and team resources. 

NetSuite gives corporations visibility and authority via only one origin of real-time data and the capability to increase modules which, in turn, boosts their agility and efficiency.

Conclusion: Why is NetSuite the Best?

NetSuite is one of the leading software companies that seek pride in preparing a cloud-based business management forum used by over 33,000 well-established businesses internationally. 

It consists of a suite of applications that assist businesses in the hospitality industry to run seamlessly. It helps them provide customizable features while saving time, cost, and energy. Henceforth, NetSuite’s all-inclusive software is the best option for your hotel and hospitality business so you can satisfy, retain, and expand your customer base in the long term.

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