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Which NetSuite Solution is Right For My Business

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NetSuite ERP is a popular choice for enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), eCommerce, and global operation management, used today by more than 22,000 customers in more than 200 countries.

The diverse range of NetSuite products is designed to meet the needs of nearly all businesses at different stages. The comprehensive Suite includes cloud-based financials, ERP, and omnichannel commerce software that’s cost-effective, scalable, and easy to use as well!

s is designed to meet the needs of nearly all businesses at different stages. The comprehensive Suite includes cloud-based financials, ERP, and omnichannel commerce software that’s cost-effective, scalable, and easy to use as well!

NetSuite is a business-critical system that tracks and automates all aspects of your company’s finances. There are many different products to choose from, so how do you know which one will be best for your needs? This article discusses some of the benefits associated with each product and when they may work most effectively in an organization based on their stage!

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NetSuite Products Overview

NetSuite is the world’s top dedicated cloud-based business management software supplier, with more than a million customers worldwide. Following its transformation into Oracle NetSuite in 1998, the platform serviced businesses as the world’s first cloud corporation. In this post, we will discuss the fundamental NetSuite products and ERP solutions, including NetSuite ERP, NetSuite CRM+, NetSuite SuiteCommerce, NetSuite SRP, and NetSuite OneWorld. NetSuite ERP is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning system.

NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

NetSuite’s ERP solution is an excellent option for organizations with supply chains. This type of business can utilize it to track their manufacturing and distribution in real-time, which means they will always know when there might be a problem or issue at either end! Some key industries where this software shines are nonprofit organizations like hospitals and schools; hospitality businesses such as hotels and restaurants; healthcare companies, including doctors’ offices; and even construction firms that make good use of these capabilities.

NetSuite offers a variety of options for companies looking to manage their business operations. Whether you need accounting or manufacturing features, an option will work perfectly for your needs! The flexibility also ensures effective management by allowing traders to access billing and invoicing information and fixed assets from one place on the platform- all in real-time, no less!

With NetSuite’s ERP software, you can simplify complex vendor management and demand planning processes. From a single console to keep your operations running smoothly, the real-time workflow will help keep you on top of all aspects of the business; integrated reporting makes this easy for anyone involved!

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NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM+)

When it comes to managing your customers, a professional and useful CRM system like NetSuite can help you with sales order fulfilment and customer support. No matter the size or growth level of business for any industry, these solutions provide 360-degree overviews that will allow users more productivity at their job while also improving performance in upselling strategies along with commission management guidelines if they so choose!

This CRM software is the ultimate tool for any business that manages cases. It allows customers to submit their inquiries, send messages, and track progress with online self-service; while also monitoring vital factors such as resolution metrics or customer satisfaction! The real-time interface can route your request according to issue type (i.e. product) and monitor many more valuable pieces of data about each individual’s experience- What were they looking into? How long does it take them to resolve their problem? Plus, you get all this information centralized in one place, so there’s no need to hunt around trying to figure out who has access to what info. 

Marketing automation features allow you to better track campaigns. Email marketing is delivered in a single system, and historical analysis supports upselling efforts because NetSuite CRM software comes with Salesforce’s automatically generated reports that make it easy to use all around! And eCommerce options provide greater insight into your products/services while offering flexibility during customization, so they’re sure to not only look great but feel great too.

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NetSuite SuiteCommerce

NetSuite SuiteCommerce offers a single platform for all your business needs, from in-store POS and inventory management, sales order processing and financials. With this solution, you can seamlessly integrate marketing with customer service without having multiple systems that require constant maintenance. It’s not just about connecting different departments but implementing one integrated system that will give rise to capabilities across every aspect of running an enterprise today!

SuiteCommerce’s unified platform is the answer for businesses looking to streamline their operations and order management. In addition, Suite’s 360-degree customer view gives you access to a single omnichannel map that includes every detail about your customers, so superior targeted marketing can be achieved as well as improved engagement with those potential clients/customers!

In today’s world, where information is shared across connected devices seamlessly without interruption, it has become imperative that we find new ways for our businesses to need data connectivity within both their domestic and international operations if they hope to continue moving forward successfully.

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NetSuite Services Resource Planning (SRP)

NetSuite’s innovative software solutions are designed to promote the entire service operations of businesses. From PSA and CRM to ERP-accounting or even back-office tasks like finance–this business solution supports all aspects that make up an enterprise with its advanced SaaS suite!

With NetSuite SRP, you have unprecedented enterprise control over your projects. The platform provides total visibility, real-time monitoring, and the ability to maintain an accurate 360-degree overview of tasks being worked on by teams throughout the company; this makes it easy for everyone involved in any one project or deal discussions-whether they’re located locally across town (or country) or remotely from another city or somewhere abroad-to collaborate effectively even though their physical distance may be compromising efficiency!

In addition to improving sales success, NetSuite SRP reduces human errors. The technology can automate one-time or recurring bills. The top-notch forecasting and business analyst capabilities also enable better decision-making analysis. Overall, the platform boosts efficiency by streamlining and automating laborious tasks, and it also allows for faster and more accurate expenditure input and tracking.

NetSuite OneWorld

With NetSuite OneWorld, you can manage your international and local subsidiaries with a single system. Its straightforward interface makes it easy for businesses to operate in multiple legal entities around the globe without any hassle or confusion on their part!

With OneWorld, you can have an international presence with just one system. You’ll be able to streamline your business operations and reduce the cost of IT by managing global procurement and distribution on this platform–whether it’s for English-language speakers or not!

The OneWorld platform takes the hassle out of global tax compliance by automating across multiple subsidiaries. It is made possible with its easy-to-use interface and international capabilities that allow for seamless integration into your business’s current infrastructure or even as a stand-alone solution!

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Bottom Line

To find the best NetSuite solution for your company, you must consider what type of business operations are happening in-house and how much help or support is necessary from outside sources.

You can’t afford to make a mistake with your business. Choosing the wrong solution could sink you, but implementing NetSuite’s will help streamline processes and increase long-term profitability!

To get the most out of NetSuite’s award-winning ERP and CRM software, you need a team of experts. To help with that, we’ve got you covered. Our team has implemented NetSuite solutions for many years. You can count on us as the Oracle NetSuite Partner of the Year—Retail to help you get started with the software. Reach out to us right now!

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