Netsuite Joor Integration

Accelerate business growth by integrating your NetSuite and Joor accounts


Scale your business with NetSuite Joor Integration

Take the leap towards growth and take your business forward by integrating with the Joor marketplace while leveraging the operational capabilities of NetSuite.

Folio3’s NetSuite Joor Integration connector lets you extend your business to the Joor marketplace by managing orders, inventory levels, and customers while developing efficiencies that give you a competitive edge.


NetSuite Joor Connector Highlights

Central Inventory

Ensure sync with Joor at all times and avoid under and overselling


Simplified Order Handling

Easily synchronize sales orders with Joor and manage them on NetSuite


Customer Management

Sync customer data with Joor quickly and easily


Consistent Product Info

Make sure your customers see the latest product info, like price, color, size, descriptions, etc. on Joor.


Extensive Customizations

Don’t be limited by features, add functionalities and workflows that work best for your business


Real-time Dashboards

Get a sitrep of the integration status with Jet and the latest data synchronized, at a glance

NetSuite joor Integration Benefits

Automate & extend your sales pipeline by integrating your NetSuite and Joor accounts


Maximize efficiency, saving time, & optimize efforts with a seamless NetSuite Joor Integration


Automatically synchronize your orders, customers, and inventory between Joor & NetSuite


Extensive Customizations – add functionality and workflows as required


Free Support

Fully Integrate your Joor and NetSuite Accounts

  • Synchronize Sales Order from Joor to NetSuite
  • Sync shipping info from Joor order to NetSuite order
  • Sync payment info from Joor order to NetSuite order
  • Customer import along with Sales Order
  • Synchronize Inventory levels with the Joor marketplace
  • Sync customers from NetSuite to JOOR

Netsuite Joor Integration Connector – Pricing

Folio3’s NetSuite Joor Integration Connector License Cost – $4,000/year or $2,000/6 months. One time setup fee of $1000.

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