Preventing Duplicate Records During Data Import Into NetSuite

Preventing Duplicate Records During Data Import Into NetSuite

NetSuite provides out of the box support for preventing data duplication when importing Customer or Company records into the system. Although NetSuite has had duplicate detection and Merge features/functionality for quite some time, it’s latest release now offers these features in the (data) Import Assistant as well.

In order to utilize these features during the data import process, you must first enable the Duplicate Detection & Merge feature in NetSuite by going to Setup → Company → Enable Features, and then apply the duplicate detection feature to specific record types by going to Setup → Company → Duplicate Detection.

After you’ve done that, just enable this option in the Import Assistant by selecting “Advanced Options”  from under Import Options (the second step) in the import assistant. Doing so will display all of the Advanced Options you can use with the import assistant, including the new “Prevent Duplicate Records”option (as shown in the screenshot below).

Next, just continue and complete the Import Assistant wizard and NetSuite will automatically detect and prevent any duplicates from being created during the import process. Once the import has completed, NetSuite will generate a CSV Response file which will have details about all the errors encountered during the data import (including duplicate records). You can also download this CSV file.

In the example below, the import assistant detected this particular customer record as a duplicate and marked it as an error during the customer import process.

Error External Id Company Name Email
Duplicate record was detected comp_12312 Yellow Ways Inc. [email protected]

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