SuiteSuccess Implementation


AEye is a well-known LiDAR provider that helps with automation of the vehicles with limited data, it can provide advanced driver assistance systems, more commonly known as ADAS. The robotic vision applications by AEye are also provided for active driver vehicle performance.


AEye is the premium intelligent iDAR technology provider for vehicle autonomy, and also provides robotic applications for driver assistance systems. Folio3 provided AEye with a Netsuite ERP system that integrates financial, sales, inventory-related data, and much more.

The Challenge

AEye came to Folio3 to get help with integrating day-to-day sales, finances, inventory and other valuable data into an ERP. Since the data available at the backend of AEye was huge, sorting the data out into a meaningful format was required. The migration of a huge data set to the ERP was a challenge.


To integrate the daily finances, sales, and other activities into one system, an ERP was needed. Folio3 provided AEye with a Netsuite SuiteSuccess ERP that is a manufacturing emerging ERP, perfectly suited for the services that AEye has to offer. 

We provided AEye with:

  • SuiteSuccess Netsuite ERP
  • Customized features for data tracking and checking
  • Data migration from Backend to Netsuite ERP


Folio3 was capable of understanding the requirements of the client and provided them with the Netsuite ERP system that will help them keep a real-time track of their sale, finance, inventory, and more.

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