APRIL BEAUTY LLC is a Dubai based company and since 2005 has established itself as a leader in the beauty world, providing a sleek and chic environment for its loyal customers.


Folio3 implemented NetSuite Human Resource Module for APRIL BEAUTY LLC to automate and improve their day to day HR and Payroll operations.

The Challenge

Folio3 implemented NetSuite Human Resource Module for APRIL BEAUTY LLC to automate and improve their day to day HR and Payroll operations.


Folio3 implemented the NetSuite HRM Module to help April Beauty LLC smoothen out their everyday operations relating to HR & Upload Attendance Payroll. Here’s a list of features that the module offered:

  • Setting up employee master along with core salary components
    • Manage Employee Master
    • View employee’s
    • Personal & Contact Info
    • Dependent Info
    • Salary
    • Documents
    • Previous Leaves along with Leaves Balance
    • Previous Payrolls (Generated by Folio3 HRM)
    • Attendance
    • Internal Transfers (b/w subsidiaries in the same country)
  • Upload Employee Attendance
    • Upload Daily Attendance
    • View Previous Attendance Records
    • Search & Filter by employee, status, subsidiaries
  • Upload Overtime
    • Batch Upload Overtime
    • Export Overtime Register
    • View / Edit Overtime
  • Loan & Installments Creation
    • Add Loan
    • Multiple Loans
    • Loan Installment
    • Loan Uploading – bulk
    • View Previous Loans
    • Journal Entry
  • Salary Standard & Monthly Installments
    • Add Standard
    • Standard Installment
    • Bulk Salary Standard Uploading
  • Manages Employee Bonuses
    • Upload Bulk Bonus
    • View and Update Bonus
  • Manages Employee Commissions
    • Upload Bulk Commissions
    • View and Update Commission
  • The Leave management system manages the type of leave and marks them as well
    • Record and Process Following leave types:
      • Sick Leave
      • Hajj Leave
      • Comp Off Leave
      • Leave Without Pay
      • Annual Leave
    • Previous Leave details
    • Available Leave Balance
    • Add Leave Type & Balance
    • Annual Leave Encashment / Settlement
    • Rejoining / Early joining
    • Leave Salary Components
    • Leave Salary Disbursements (Standard & Continuous)
    • Exclude / Include off days
    • Leaves Accounting Journal Entries
    • Leave Provision Account
    • Opening Balance
  • The Payroll system setups and executes the monthly payroll
    • Payroll Setup
    • Payroll Period
    • Define Payroll Groups & Components
    • Pass Journal Entries in NetSuite
    • Add data for actual and variable salary component for each month
    • View/download data for salary component
    • Run Payroll
    • Generate SIF File (as per our standard product)
    • Dynamic Payroll Components
  • Initiates the Employee End of Services feature
    • Initiate EOS for an employee
    • Gratuity calculations
    • Gratuity Slabs
    • Leaves Salary, Leave Request and Leave Ledger
    • Notice Period Salary Calculation
    • EOS Settlement report
  • Can create multiple requests
    • View Requests
    • Create Requests
    • Requests Approvals
  • It can send and view notifications
    • View Notification
    • Send Notification
    • Automatic Notifications & Emails
  • Workflows can be integrated with certain modules
    • Attendance
    • Leaves
    • Payroll
    • Request
  • Reports
    • Salary Summary Report
    • Payroll Report
    • Overtime Report
    • Attendance Report
    • EOS Settlement report
    • Analytics

    Dashboards Widgets (Standard)

    • Total Employees
    • Today Presents
    • Today Absents
    • Today Late Count
    • Department Distribution
    • Designation Distribution
    • Visa expiring in 45 days
    • Passport expiring in 90 days
    • Iqama expiring in 30 days
    • Other documents expiring in 30 days
    • Appraisal Reminder
    • Passport Need Return
    • Work Anniversaries in Next 30 days
    • Employees Birthday in Next 30 Days
    • Employees on leaves


Folio3 successfully implemented the HRM solution for April Beauty while migrated their employee master data, leaves balance, payroll elements balances and loans and standards allowing them to manage all of their HR and payroll operations from a single window.

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