Brother International


Brothers All Natural is a prominent global freeze-dry enterprise, focusing on premium fruits sourced from top growing areas. Through an advanced freeze-dry method, they provide delicious, airy, and flavorful snacks while upholding stringent quality standards and dependable logistics for private label items.


Folio3 deployed its NetSuite Amazon Connector for Brothers International, providing a seamless integration solution. This connector automated various critical processes, including order and inventory management, thus saving time, reducing errors, and improving overall operational efficiency.

The Challenge

Brothers International, aiming to enhance their e-commerce efficiency, sought to integrate their Amazon Seller Central account, specifically for the Amazon US marketplace, with their Oracle NetSuite ERP. This initiative was to streamline their operations and improve data management and customer service.


The solution provided by Folio3 included:
  • Automated import of Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) orders and associated customer data from Amazon to NetSuite.
  • Synchronization of inventory quantity and product information from NetSuite to Amazon.
  • Automatic updates of fulfilled sales order statuses in Amazon from NetSuite.
  • Export of shipping details from NetSuite to Amazon.
  • Payment import from Amazon to NetSuite.
  • Automatic out-of-stock updates on Amazon.
  • Comprehensive logging within NetSuite for all tasks.
  • Customization for FBA order support and Amazon fees, charges, and refunds synchronization.
  • Enhanced support for lot numbered inventory items.
  • Real-time and scheduled data synchronization capabilities.


  •  FBA Support and it comprises the following functionality.
  • Import of Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) sales orders, along with their fulfillment status and shipping/tracking information, from Amazon Seller Central to NetSuite.
  • The ability to transfer inventory from NetSuite to Amazon (for use in Fulfilled By Amazon orders), by importing the Working shipment plan from Amazon into NetSuite.
  • Synchronization of Amazon fees and charges and refunds (via import of the Amazon settlement report) from Amazon to NetSuite.


  • Support for lot numbered simple inventory type items in the connector’s data flows. Lot numbered simple inventory items will be synced to Amazon as simple products (as Amazon does not support lot numbers).
  • Support for lot numbered assembly type items in the connector’s data flows.
  • For FBA fulfillments, the connector will automatically add the lot number (based on the Lot that is closest to expiry) to the fulfillment record created in NetSuite, upon import of the FBA fulfillment from Amazon Seller Central (into NetSuite).


After implementing the NetSuite Amazon Seller Central integration, Brothers International experienced significant improvements in operational efficiency, including real-time data exchange, automated workflows, and enhanced inventory management. These enhancements solved previous challenges by minimizing manual efforts, reducing errors, and ensuring a smooth and efficient e-commerce operation

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