Double Radius


DoubleRadius helps the customers design, improve, and expand their network and offerings, whether wireless, wired, or hybrid. Beyond supplying cutting edge networking equipment, DoubleRadius also offer consultation, integration, support, and financing.


Folio3 helped Double Radius migrate their ecommerce technology website from NetSuite Site Builder to the new and robust SuiteCommerce (Standard). Although their previous website served them well, it had several limitations. Especially, when it came to site upgradation and maintenance and viewability on mobile devices.

The Challenge

DoubleRadius wanted to migrate the technology of their existing B2B Website from legacy NetSuite eCommerce platform called SiteBuilder to NetSuite SuiteCommerce (Standard).


Folio3 migrated the old website by implementing the standard SuiteCommerce along with its basic features that come with the theme, extensions and modules. The details of the provided solution along with all the customizations are listed below:

  • Folio3 migrated their Site Builder based site to SuiteCommerce along with a brand new design (via a custom theme) and intuitive user interface.
  • The new site’s setup was divided into the following: Setup, Design and Development
  • All the basic functionalities of any ecommerce site (like header, footer, homepage, login and registration, categories and sub-categories, listing and product detail page, static pages, email, cart and checkout system) were set up
  • Folio3 also performed a ‘performance optimization’ for their new site to help load the images faster by compressing them and implementing a CDN, resultantly helping the website load faster.
  • Facebook Pixel integration
  • Display of ship-from location and estimated shipping time (for each item) on checkout
  • Custom fields for SuitePromotions
  • Display of PO numbers in order history in the My Account section
  • Customized Product Details Page with additional item info fields and attachments (product specification docs)


With Folio3’s efforts, Double Radius was able to revamp their web store using SuiteCommerce, which enhanced the site’s functionality and user experience, while ensuring seamless integration with the NetSuite ERP.

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