Envy Medical

SuiteSuccess Implementation


Envy Medical is known for offering skin solutions and integrative therapy for skin to ensure better skin health along with maintaining appearance. Envy medical offers all inclusive treatments along with at-home skincare options as well for helping with all types of skin issues.


Envy Medical needed integration to streamline the backend information and for that Folio3 offered them Netsuite integration with Moulton to transfer and smoothen all the information for better data processing.

The Challenge

Creating a Netsuite integration with the 3rd party logistic system was one of the challenges for seamless data transfer between Netsuite and Moulton. One other major challenge was the order syncing and fulfillment mechanism.


Folo3 provided Netsuite Moulton integration for their backend ERP system and data processing. A few of the other solutions that Folio3 provided include the following.

  • Customizations for Netsuite Moulton system Integration
  • Order syncing, processing, and fulfillment mechanism
  • Custom tracking and recording mechanism


Based on the Client’s requirements, Folio3 provided them with Netsuite Moulton integration for the backend ERP system for streamlining the order processing and syncing.

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