Optimum Medical

SuiteSuccess Implementation


Optimum Medical is one of the largest distributors and manufacturers of healthcare lubricants established in 2005. Optimum Medical has a large distribution network spread over 60 countries dealing in lubricating and urology products.


Optimum Medical is a leading healthcare product distributor and manufacturer in the UK and needed a connector to streamline the backend functioning of sales, inventory, procurement, and finances. Folio3 offered them the Netsuite Suite Success wholesale distribution integration to streamline the back office functioning needed by Optimum Medical. 

The Challenge

Amongst the other challenges, one major challenge was the data migration and optimizing across the NetSuite Suite Success integration. A custom authorization-based sale was also one thing that seemed to be a complicated challenge.


After evaluating the requirements of Optimum Medical and understanding the pain points of the projects, folio3 came up with the perfect solution. Folio3 provided Optimum Medical with the Netsuite Suite Success integration with the idea of streamlining the sales, finances, inventory, and procurement process.

Besides that, we also offered a few more customization including,

  • Authorization-based custom sales require approval when the margin on any order is below the threshold value.
  • Custom verification feature added to automatically populate the date and time along with the sales user id on a specific order.
  • A custom feature to upload up to 4 years old sales history


Based on the requirements of Optimum Medical, Folio3 was capable of offering the ideal solution of Netsuite Suite Success Integration with the custom features to help achieve the goal of streamlining sales, inventory, procurements, and all the other back-office operations.

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