Sundia Corporation

SuiteSuccess Implementation


Sundia Corporation is a well-known brand in the fruit-producing industry in North America. They are popular for producing fresh fruits and vegetables. Their production line includes organic fresh fruits, assorted fruits, and much more which they distribute in the US, India, China, Canada, and Philippines.


Sundia Corporation needed a solution to enhance the supply chain functioning and also needed a solution for better customer service operations. Folio3 was successful in providing the Netsuite customization and integration services along with the custom EDI gateway, purchase order mechanism, and functionality to ensure the staff can verify purchase orders easily.

The Challenge

A few of the challenges that Folio3 came across include the following.

  • Streaming the B2B gateway with Netsuite using the EDI network
  • Managing and streamlining the corresponding orders
  • Information verification and scattered data


Based on the requirements by Sundia Corporation, Folio3 provided them with the following solutions to resolve the issues and to ensure the best results.

  • Custom Suite for Netsuite account of Sundia
  • The alert mechanism for every transaction
  • Custom feature to read HTML file for the orders received
  • Custom inventory rules for Netsuite for inventory replenishment
  • Bill approval workflow and invoicing workflow
  • Custom NetSuite graphical reports


With the solutions provided by Folio3, Sundia Corporation was not only able to streamline the supply chain but also helped with the purchase order mechanism and more with Netsuite Suitelet custom features.

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