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Engage Your Employees and Optimize Your Projects

It’s an undeniable fact that NetSuite is a complete business solution offering integrated products to ensure streamlined end-to-end workflows. NetSuite has covered it all for the businesses, whether it’s accounting, sales, supply chain, employee engagement, project management, and others.

SuitePeople is an excellent solution by NetSuite to enhance employee engagement and optimize the ongoing projects focusing on increased overall productivity. Hence, SuitePeople offers insights about the workforce and overall project performance to facilitate the businesses to take strategic actions to make the processes more efficient. There’s not one but plenty of reasons why you should consider integrating SuitePeople into your existing operational model. Folio3 can help you through the process and make the implantation of SuitePeople hassle-free and quick.

Read along to find out the new functionalities introduced by NetSuite to increase employee engagement.

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SuitePeople Improved Features

SuitePeople is no longer a simple HR module that manages the employee records, skills, information, salary, etc. Instead, the new updates broaden the scope of SuitePeople by offering a comprehensive people management and human resources module.

NetSuite recognized the challenges faced by the HR professionals to develop new work strategies during the global pandemic.

All the global businesses had to redesign the HR processes during these unprecedented times and update the workplace policies to facilitate remote working.

Not only that, but HR constantly worked with the executive management to implement agile practices within the organization.

However, the biggest challenge during the pandemic has been to keep the employees engaged, motivated, and productive as they work from home. Hence, NetSuite offers a revamped performance management solution to maximize productivity and achieve business goals to overcome all these obstacles.

The new updates for the SuitePeople Payroll also facilitate the business to implement new workforce strategies, such as Families First Coronavirus Respect Act (FFCRA).

Employee Engagement

“Suiteness,” as NetSuite calls it, is an advanced software design approach to facilitate the HR experts to manage the employees during the global pandemic.

It’s essentially a centralized data model that integrates all the information on a unified platform to remove duplicate entries and allows the HR teams to extract data in real-time. Consequently, SuitePeople completely automates the payroll task.

In addition to that, the updates and new features keep on updating the employee goals based on operation data present in NetSuite. As a result, it increases employee engagement by promoting reviews and feedback processes among the managers and teams.

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Enhancements in Core HR

SuitePeople offers advanced features, such as Time Off Management via calendar management, health, and safety management, HR dashboards, compliance management, and job or new position management. Furthermore, reporting functionalities and workflows allow HR to update the time-off approvals and employee resignation or termination.

The HR professionals can use any of the available 50 HR reports to present valuable insights to the management. Moreover, they can also develop a comprehensive HR dashboard.

New features in SuitePeople help the HR professionals to gather all the data and track the headcount, turnover trends, and overall growth. However, the feature isn’t just restricted to the initial data gathering; instead, it offers segmentation based on location and department.

This way, the HR experts can filter out, drill down, and classify the employees on a graphical user interface instead of extracting the data to plot in an excel file.

Self Service HR

Self-service HR allows the employees to access their information, salary slip, and logging time. However, the new updates in SuitePeople allow the employees to update their holidays, planned vacations, and sick leaves. Furthermore, the “Kudos” feature allows the employees to recognize and appreciate their colleagues for their workplace achievements.

Performance Metrics

As the name suggests, performance metrics allow the managers and their teams to work together to create objectives and goals while monitoring their quarterly or bi-yearly progress. This way, the managers can keep track of the goal process in real-time and gauge the employee’s contribution to business success.

Similarly, the performance metrics serve as the essential foundation for the annual performance review. Again, it’s because the information is already present online. Thule managers need to review the employee contribution over the past year and garage the employees’ performance for yearly bonuses and increments.

To sum up, the advanced performance management module has two parts – one is the goals management, while the other is the review process. Both these modules work together to maximize the employees’ productivity and efficiency.

Expense Module

The good news is that the NetSuite expense module is aligned with the American Express corporate credit card account. This way, NetSuite seamlessly integrates the expense report and credit card information to reduce data entry errors.

Moreover, automated controls and other checks and balances guarantee compliance with the company policies. It eliminates the chances of corruption, unapproved expenses on the company’s behalf, and any exceeding expense limit.

Project Life Cycle Optimization

This module helps the business to address the challenge of on-time product or project delivery to the clients as the teams work remotely.

A project manager has one of the most challenging jobs to meet the client’s expectations even when the profit margins are tight. Moreover, the project manager deals with multiple clients, manages different teams and projects simultaneously, meets deadlines, stays within the budget, and most importantly, ensures client satisfaction.

Here NetSuite comes to the rescue to integrate different service planning modules to streamline project planning and budgeting. That’s why the all-new unified design streamlines the project planning process to facilitate the project managers.

Courtesy of the integration of Oracle Content and Experience Cloud, the project managers can collaborate on the project content online from anywhere in the world. Similarly, all the teams can collaborate online on a single platform to share project tasks and conversations. Additionally, the drag-and-drop uploading allows the teams to update the stakeholders and other involved teams about the version control.

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To sum up, the latest SuitePeople functionality automates different HR modules by integrating employee data for further classification of employees. Moreover, the all-new self-service HR automates the 401(K) calculations for the employee. NetSuite aims to integrate the ERP, CRM, accounting, and HR functionalities on one platform to minimize manual data entry and reporting. As a result, the HR leaders can monitor the employee performance review process and facilitate the employees to meet their yearly goals. You should most definitely consider investing in implementing customized NetSuite software for your business if you haven’t yet. Folio3, a certified NetSuite partner, can help you with seamless customization, integration, and implementation of NetSuite and assist you in reaping the maximum benefit of this one-stop solution that you need today.

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