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Understanding NetSuite Guided Learning: What It Is and Why It Matters

Last year, Oracle NetSuite introduced NetSuite Guided Learning, a game-changer in its service lineup. NetSuite has been known for its updates; each year, it launches two new updates. These updates facilitate the users and bring new features to enhance the user experience and ease of usage. 

The same was the aim behind launching NetSuite guided learning. Many users aren’t aware of it, so we are writing this blog to help you understand this feature. What is NetSuite guided learning? What does it mean? Why use it? Let’s answer it in this blog!

NetSuite Guided Learning

NetSuite Guided Learning is an interactive tool that helps you learn how to use NetSuite software. It is like having a personal coach who guides you through important tasks. Whether you are new to NetSuite or need a refresher, Guided Learning offers tailored guidance based on your role. It makes your job easier by providing the right help at the right time and is always available on your NetSuite dashboard. 

NetSuite Guided Learning provides interactive, role-based process guides in every NetSuite Edition. You can easily access it anytime you need it, and it gives you context-specific guidance from within NetSuite. With NetSuite Guided Learning, you can be confident that you are doing your job correctly and effectively. It is a valuable tool that makes using NetSuite software much more accessible.

NetSuite Guided Learning Benefits

NetSuite Guided Learning offers several advantages that can significantly benefit your organization. One key advantage is the enhancement of user adoption rates. Users can seamlessly integrate learning with their daily tasks by providing in-app access to NetSuite training. This integration facilitates quicker mastery of their responsibilities and enables them to learn new tasks efficiently, ultimately boosting organizational productivity and effectiveness.

Another notable benefit is the streamlined learning experience. When users encounter new issues or need a refresher on infrequently used processes, Guided Learning ensures that resources are easily accessible at the moment of need. This approach eliminates the need for time-consuming searches or external training sessions, making it easier for users to achieve their goals quickly.

Moreover, Guided Learning contributes to faster time-to-value for new users. By guiding them through essential NetSuite tasks, the platform ensures they become proficient more rapidly, starting from their very first day. This accelerated learning curve not only maximizes efficiency but also ensures that users can continuously leverage the full potential of NetSuite throughout their experience with the platform.

NetSuite Guided Learning Features

Role-Based Guides Expanded

These guides are designed to help NetSuite users navigate their dashboard and explore various tabs. They provide customized resources for different roles, like sales team members who can access the most up-to-date data on leads, sales activities, and client interactions. This information lets users stay informed, productive, and effective in their respective roles.

Key Task Guides Enhanced

NetSuite user guides help users enhance their productivity and streamline their operations. With interactive modules, these guides offer simple and clear instructions on customizing dashboards and creating shortcuts within the NetSuite interface. Users can enjoy a more efficient and personalized experience by following these comprehensive guides.

Help and More Learning Resources Expanded

NetSuite has many resources to help users learn and get support. You can use NetSuite MyLearn, a digital platform that offers personalized learning paths, on-demand lessons, and live webinars. 

If you need help, you can find answers in SuiteAnswers, a knowledge center with searchable articles, help topics, and training videos. You can also join the NetSuite Support Community, an online forum where customers, partners, and developers can share information, ask questions, and stay up-to-date.

These resources facilitate ongoing skill development, knowledge enhancement, and community building within the NetSuite ecosystem.

Issues NetSuite Guided Learning Solves

NetSuite Guided Learning addresses several vital challenges commonly encountered within organizations. 

Firstly, it effectively tackles the issue of low productivity by providing employees with a seamless learning experience directly within the NetSuite interface. This eliminates the need for individuals to switch between various platforms or applications to access training materials, thereby maximizing their time and focus on the tasks at hand.

Secondly, the platform helps alleviate the slow adoption of NetSuite systems, particularly for new users. Self-guided learning resources can be tailored to specific job roles within a business to help individuals learn how to use new systems faster. 

This approach can significantly reduce the time it takes for users to become proficient in their tasks. By providing customized learning resources, individuals can quickly become familiar with the features relevant to their jobs without extensive training.

Furthermore, NetSuite Guided Learning overcomes the disadvantages of traditional training approaches by stressing relevance and actual implementation. Individuals may obtain relevant information precisely when needed by including training instructions directly into the user interface, ensuring that learning directly applies to the activities. This method not only improves comprehension, but it also promotes a more efficient and effective learning process in general. 

Why NetSuite ERP Matters

When discussing NetSuite, businesses might assume that it is software to manage business operations. But it is more than that. The verticals and the industries it covers are diverse, from hospitality to education to manufacturing to retail; you can think of any sector that NetSuite would apply to. 

That is why each year, you see that new companies are getting on board with NetSuite, and they have boarded over 35,000 companies with diverse industries, which speaks for itself about what NetSuite is helping in achieving businesses. 

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