Amazon NetSuite Integration Connector

Reach millions of buyers on amazon and scale operations with NetSuite Amazon integration.

Maximize Your Sales with NetSuite Amazon Connector


With NetSuite Amazon Integration, you can now seamlessly synchronize your Amazon Seller Central and NetSuite accounts without any inconvenience.

Folio3’s unified NetSuite Amazon integration allows you to concentrate on managing the orders and ensure inventory availability, without the hassle of manual synchronization between the two platforms. 

Folio3 NetSuite Amazon connector support all the Amazon marketplaces. USA market is included by default while Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain etc. markets are supported by customization. 

Amazon NetSuite Integration Highlights

Inventory Management

Refrain from under and overselling with your inventory accurately synced with Amazon at all times

Effortless Order Handling

Synchronize sales orders from Amazon and manage them on NetSuite

Quick Shipping

Update customers with shipment tracking as soon as you fulfill them in NetSuite

Unified Product Info

Make sure your customers see the latest product info, like price, color, size, description

Seamless Refunds

Minimize consumer dissonance and boost service levels by ensuring timely refunds

Other Functionalities

Maximize efficiency by easily synchronizing order cancellations, delisting items from the store, etc.

Easy Deployment

Get your integration up and running with ease

Lots of Customizations

Do more with your NetSuite, add new functionalities and custom flows that meet your business needs

End-to-End Visibility

Check integration status and the synced data at a glance

Add-on features/functionality are available via customization

Folio3 is an Award-Winning ‘Tier One’ NetSuite Alliance partner excelling in NetSuite Customizations. Beyond our prebuilt NetSuite Amazon connector, we can also help you build customized features required by your business .

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Folio3 NetSuite Amazon Connector Benefits

Seamlessly integrate data flows between NetSuite and Amazon accounts


Seamless and automated experience, significantly reduce time and effort in managing your e-commerce operations.


Supports both Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), integrating all listings and transactions through a single, efficient connector.


Fully customizable, allowing you to add extra features or tailor workflows to meet your specific business needs.


After implementation, ongoing support is available to ensure smooth operation, with this service provided at an additional cost.



​Automatic Data Management Between Amazon to NetSuite with our NetSuite's Amazon Integration

  • Automatically transfers all Orders & associated customer data to NetSuite as soon as customers check out on the Amazon marketplace
  • Synchronize order cancellations from Amazon to NetSuite
  • Supports both FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) and FBA* (Fulfillment By Amazon – available as an add-on feature*) order types.
  • Automatically publish item listings to Amazon from NetSuite, including details like Item Name, Images, Metadata, Price, Price Levels, Item Categories, Kits, Bundles, Variations, etc.
  • Delist items from Amazon from within NetSuite
  • Update inventory quantities from multiple warehouses in NetSuite to Amazon (for FBM orders)
  • Create FBA Transfer Orders / Inventory Transfers from NetSuite
  • Automatically updates inventory quantities in NetSuite (for FBA orders)
  • Supports all NetSuite item types (some item types supported via customization)
  • Supports all Amazon item categories
  • Automatically synchronize fulfillment status and shipping data (including the carrier & tracking number) from NetSuite to Amazon (for FBM orders), and from Amazon to NetSuite (for FBA orders)
  • Partial fulfillment support
  • Automatically synchronize invoices from Amazon to NetSuite

Add-On Features (Available via Customization)

  • Amazon FBA Support – Synchronize FBA orders, fulfillments & refunds to NetSuite. Push inventory from NetSuite to Amazon (for use in Amazon FBA orders)
  • Synchronize refunds from Amazon to NetSuite (from FBM orders)
  • Synchronization of settlement reports from Amazon to NetSuite including Amazon commissions and FBA fees & charges
  • Any additional features/functionality can be developed as an add on to NetSuite’s overall features

Case Studies

Solving complex problems for businesses of all kind

  1. AFG saved valuable time and admin effort by keeping both the systems synced with NetSuite Amazon connector
  2. Deliciously Ella integrated its Amazon Europe Seller Central account with the Amazon UK, France and Germany marketplaces, and managed all orders from one screen.
  3. Global Syn-Turf (GST) is a leading artificial grass manufacturer eliminated the risk of human error in manually handling data between the two systems.
  4. Colson Health (Boobie Brands) transitioned their back-office operations to NetSuite, streamlining their processes within one unified system
  5. SKECH, adesigner, manufacturer, and seller of smartphone and tablet accessories, created a seamless business infrastructure

Amazon NetSuite Integration – Pricing

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Folio3 NetSuite Amazon integration is a NetSuite SuiteApp that is deployed in your NetSuite. Therefore, you don’t have to rely on any third-party servers and can enjoy maximum uptime and security, as the integration resides within the ERP.

    Yes, additional stores can be added from the same Amazon account at an additional cost. Furthermore, different accounts can be connected as well via multiple deployments.

    The Folio3 NetSuite Amazon Integration is fully customizable and can be tailored with custom functionality and workflows not available out of the box, as long the APIs (NetSuite and API) support the data flow.

    Yes, the Folio3 NetSuite Amazon Integration has add-ons available that incorporate “Fulfilled by Amazon” and “Fulfilled by Merchant” workflows in the integration.